Kary Merlock

FBI Agent: Cyber Crimes Division


5’5", Blonde, Full-Figured Female
Friend of Miranda Lancaster


Kary Merlock was born to Kristy Merlock of San Jose, California. Kary’s father is unknown, but her mother once told Kary he died in a motorcycle wreck while drunk. As a single mother, Kristy worked two jobs to support them. This left Kary to herself for long periods of time growing up. Kary escaped into books and her school work.
When she was twelve, she got her first computer and gained access to the internet. Fascinated by all things computer, this was her new outlet and would spend hours scouring the net and honing her computer skills. Upon graduation, she applied and received multiple scholarships and enrolled at USC.
Though highly introverted, she took a chance and pledged to the Alpha Phi sorority to meet people. Kary found herself the subject of hazing by her fellow pledges and sorority sisters. She had all but given up till an upperclassman, named Miranda Lancaster took her under her wing and helped her through the process. She had never had any real, true friends though she had come to find a best friend in Miranda. Miranda had her back in all things and helped her become more self-confident and more social. Kary was loyal to her friend and sorority sister, repaying her kindness by often tutoring Miranda in her weaker subjects.
When Miranda graduated, Kary felt very alone again and threw herself into her studies in Computer Science and Cyber-Forensics. She studied hard and after obtaining her Masters, she was approached by the FBI who offered to sponsor her towards a Doctorate to work for them in return. Surprised by the offer she eagerly agreed and continued her studies. Shortly, before finishing her Doctoral Thesis, she learned Miranda was badly injured in a car wreck.
Kary raced to Miranda’s side and helped her through her bad situations. She was ever loyal and helped to get Miranda back on her feet. Soon after, Kary graduated and was offered her choice of assignments. Though staying in Los Angeles was an option, her mother encouraged her to get out of California and see other places. Not wanting to go alone and seizing on the opportunity, she convinced Miranda they both needed a fresh start to their new lives and the two headed to New York.
Kary has spent the past few years with the NYC FBI Cyber Crimes unit and has quickly become the top in her field. She has helped solve many Identity Theft, Fraud, and Network Intrusion cases. She has also recently got engaged to a NYC Police Officer.

Kary Merlock

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