Punk Kid


Charlie grew up in the system, or better yet grew up running from the system. He never knew who his parents were for he was figuratively dropped on the doorstep of Saint Germaine’s Orphanage. They tried their best with him, but he always understood that nobody wanted him. They tried sending him off to foster parents but soon afterwards he was returned. Guess they could not deal with a child that was hyperactive. He bounced back and forth between foster homes and orphanages till he was nine. He was placed in an elderly couple’s home. They understood his problem because their oldest suffered from ADD. Grandpa was an automobile mechanic before he retired, and would take Charlie out to help him tinker in the garage. It was there that Charlie began his love of cars. He and his adopted grandfather would spend hour out there working on project cars

He might have lived happily ever after. He might have had a decent life. But he must have pissed off the gods in his previous life (or this is a standard marvel background story) because at the age of twelve Onslaught happened. He and his Grandpa were working on an Olds 442. They had just taken a break when his grandpa went into the house to get them a drink. About that time an angered Hulk came crashing down into the house followed closely by Onslaught. Neither one of them noticed the two bodies lying at their feet nor the look of horror coming from a stunned preteen as they continued their fight. It was not till the second group of hero’s passed by that someone saw Charlie trying to get to his foster parents. The hero tried to comfort Charlie telling him how everything would be ok, but how could it when the only parents he knew lied there mangled in the wreck that was his home. Soon afterward the emergency responders arrived. They kept asking him over and over again if he was ok, but all he could do was replay the destruction and blaming himself for not being faster. If he only had acted faster they would still be alive.

He floated from one foster home to the next. Always running away before he got attached again. Whenever he felt really down he would boost a car, and drive till either it ran out of gas got wrecked or arrested. Normally the wreck would happen right before the arrest. It was during those times when he was driving that everything would snap into focus. It was because of these outings that he got the attention of Big John. Big John is an owner of an establishment that dealt with the procurement of automotive parts in Central Harlem. Big John befriended the young boy taking him under his wing giving him a place to stay when he inevitably ran away from the orphanage. And for a place to stay Big John asked Charlie to look for certain models whenever he was craving the rush. Big John would give Charlie certain gifts that would help in the acquisition of vehicles. Soon Charlie was making really good money from his nefarious deeds, but he only kept enough to live on and the rest was donated to Saint Germaine’s.

Charles was on one of Big Johns scavenger hunts the night of the Meteor. One of the cars on the list was at this concert in the Bronx a beautiful Jaguar XK-E Roadster. Charlie had just popped the door and was disabling the alarm when the meteor hit. His last thoughts were “Fuck too slow again”.


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