Miranda Lancaster / Black Orchid

Lancaster Realtors LLC: Owner / Agent


5’ 9", Black/Brown Hair, Trim/Athletic build
F: T 5
A: I 36
S: U 88
E: A 46
R: G 8
I: R 26
P: E 16
Powers: Code: Max: (Current)
Body Resistance: P2: I 36 (R 26)
True Flight: T21: I 36 (R 26)
Self-Sustenance: P11: I 36 (R 26)
Regeneration: P9: I 36 (E 16)
True Invulnerability: P14: A 46 (E 16)


Miranda was born to William and Heather Lancaster of Ventura, California. William was a modest insurance agent while Heather was a fitness trainer and yoga instructor. The three of them lived an A-typical life in suburbia.
Growing up, Miranda was very active and played in a variety of sports. She found her niche in cheer and softball, which carried her all the way to college. She received a dual Athletic Scholarship to do both at USC. At the University, she began her studies in the School of Medicine, earning her CNA/CMA, yet found the rigors of medical school soon became more challenging than she could handle.
During her second year, she met a geeky, Computer Science major, sorority pledge named Kary Merlock. Miranda felt her sorority sisters were harder on Kary, compared to the others, due her social awkwardness. Miranda stood up for her and helped Kary break out of her shell. In turn, Kary reciprocated her support by tutoring Miranda in her weaker academic areas, later convincing her to switch her major to Business. The two of them became the very best of friends from there on.
Shortly after receiving her Bachelor’s, Miranda’s father was diagnosed with advanced stages of Leukemia. The illness took its toll on the family as her mother fell into a depression and distanced herself from the situation, leaving Miranda as her father’s sole caretaker. She painfully watched as her father withered away and passed after a hard fought battle with the affliction. After the ordeal, Miranda and her mother alienated one another.
Miranda had difficulty coping with the aftermath of the situation and turned to counseling. During her group sessions she met Dr. Scott Wilson, who was seeking to deal with coping with the loss of patients. The two became close and began dating outside of the group. After nearly a year together the couple eloped to Las Vegas on a whim.
The two were happy together for a while, but the honeymoon was short lived. Within a few short months, Scott became distant and engrossed himself in his work, taking additional clinic hours, and socially rubbing elbows with the medical moguls. In this time, Miranda became pregnant. Scott assured Miranda his extra time was to build a better life for them and their unborn child, yet Miranda grew suspicious.
Two months later, Miranda went to Scott’s office and caught him with another woman. In her shock and heartache, she ran out, jumped in her car and sped off in tears. In her hysterics, Miranda lost control and collided with another vehicle head on. She sustained several, yet non-life-threatening injuries, but lost her unborn child.
Once she was released from the hospital, it seemed her life was crashing down around her. She had lost her baby, had filed for divorce, and was alone. In her time of need, her best friend Kary came to her aid. She helped Miranda through her troubled time. Kary was finishing her Doctorate and had taken a job with Cyber Crimes Unit with the New York branch of the FBI upon graduation. She convinced Miranda that she needed a fresh start and encouraged her to come with her to New York, to which she did.
Miranda uprooted from the West coast to the East Coast. With her settlement, she enrolled at NYU and obtained her MBA. She opted to go into real estate, obtained her license, and started her own independent realty company in Englewood, New Jersey. She has spent the past few years building up her business and building a new life for herself.

Miranda Lancaster / Black Orchid

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